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About Us

Leading by Example

Our company is birthed from a heartfelt mission:

Witnessing the struggles of young professionals' educational gaps,

including my two elder sons', fueled our drive. 


Putting innovation at the forefront, with personal care,

we bring interactive courses with community and coaching.

Empowering businesses and young professionals,

ensuring agility, scalability, and a unique competitive edge. 


Leaving a Legacy

Meet The Team

Our Story

Recognizing the relentless pace of technological evolution and the widening gap in skills acquisition, we were inspired to act now, fueled by a personal understanding, including my two oldest son's college journey where traditional learning models struggle to keep pace with the dynamic demands of the industry, leaving aspiring professionals facing a significant skills gap when entering the working place. As a small business owner myself, 

I understand that business owners fall behind when trying to decipher the bigger picture and business benefits in all the tech jargon, I witnessed firsthand the urgent need to bridge the big gap from theory to hands-on practice and from code to cash.

In response, we initiated a mission to transform cloud-native education, crafting a platform that swiftly closes the skills gap at the industry's pace for

our young professionals.

Our commitment is to deliver a solution that's both current and practical, clearly describing benefits for DevOps and Business owners alike.

Continuous improvement by launching pioneering courses, and a lab where it's safe to gather knowledge, experiment, and find like-minded peers. Forming key industry alliances, and witnessing the success stories of our graduates. Each achievement reinforces our dedication to providing a transformative educational experience that directly addresses the pressing needs of both individuals and businesses

Looking ahead, our mission is crystal clear. We aim to empower businesses to seize the full potential of cloud-native technologies, ensuring agility, scalability, and a distinct competitive edge. By offering industry-leading cloud-native training, we empower organizations to optimize productivity, expedite innovation, and navigate the journey from code to cash with confidence without losing the personal connection of

a mentoring father.

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