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RUST Crab  Coding in the Sea

What's the buzz with RUST? Hold your keyboards, we're about to spill the code 🕵️‍♂️💻. Why is RUST stealing the spotlight? What's the hype about? What makes DevOps set sail in approval🌊⚓️? Why should Business Owners even care to put RUST on their radar? Let's crack some cRUST 🦀.

First Things First

Let's rewind a bit with the back story. RUST grew out of a personal project that begun in 2006 by Mozilla Research employee Graydon Hoare. Afterwards he was hired by Apple to work on Swift. The brainchild of a community striving for safer and more efficient systems programming, RUST is here to shake things up.

Design Goals & Principles

But why should you care?🤷‍♂️ RUST's got a mission, and it's not keeping it a secret. Design goals that scream "performance matters," and principles that shout "safety first." This language isn't playing around. RUST is not your best choice to get your feet wet. This is a language which serious heels and steep learning curve.

The Nuts and Bolts

Alright, let's talk basics. Syntax? Check. Data types and variables? Double-check. Control flow that feels like a smooth beat (if statements, loops)? Triple-check. Without these items components, named here, you don't have a programming language in the 'Procedural' family tree. E.g. It's basically procedural but gives you the Artistic or Poetic Freedom to literally 'express yourself' in a more functional way. Functions as first class citizens, check. Closures check once more. Iterators at no extra cost in the standard model (zero cost abstracion.).

Key Features and Benefits

Now it's time to uncover the treasures that make this programming language a true captain of the code seas. Let's navigate the key features and bask in the benefits. Let's dive in!

⚓️ Ownership and Borrowing

RUST's ownership system is like having a crew that guards your ship's treasure with unmatched vigilance, your secure anchors in the code ocean. The concept of borrowing and lifetimes acts as your ship's anchor, ensuring your code stays afloat and secure. No unexpected leaks or pirate attacks on your data – just smooth sailing. Imagine your code as a ship at sea. RUST ensures that each piece of data has a designated owner, just like a captain taking responsibility for their cargo. The borrowing concept is like letting crew members use equipment temporarily without giving them ownership. It keeps everything organized, secure and prevents unexpected mishaps. But this metaphor, however it's not doing enough justice to the Ownership system. RUST helps you prevent a lot of security and programming problems while not sacrificing speed. Lifevests in the form of a memory manager with the periodically returning Garbage Collector that slows you down to the max, no sir. We start by not creating garbage at all. In RUST we solve problems by taking "ownership". Wouldn't your Therapist be proud of you? And the Ownership rules and subsequent Borrowing tactics are not only for making your programming journey more safe and reliable, it also helps you to act like a better Software Engineer. Coding you do in the cargo hold, real Software Engineering captains sail the big ships.

🌊 Memory Safety

RUST the unsinkable ship of programming languages. With zero-cost abstractions and a vigilant borrow checker, you're not just sailing; you're sailing confidently, knowing that your ship is watertight against common programming errors. In the coding world, avoiding mistakes is crucial. RUST acts like a shipbuilder constructing an unsinkable vessel. The borrow checker acts as the inspector, making sure every part of your ship is in top-notch condition. This way, you can sail smoothly without worrying about common errors causing your ship to sink or Pirates to hijack it due to forgotten leaks in your defenses.

⚙️ Concurrency and Parallelism

RUST's concurrency features let your ship sail on multiple threads without hitting stormy seas. RUST provides mean to sail the seas of code in concurrency, I present to you even fearless concurrency, due to it's ownership and lifetimes model.

Benefits for the (DevOps) Code Navigator: RUST brings a code ship that's not only reliable but also performs like a well-tuned engine, cutting through the digital waves with style.RUST makes sure your code ship is organized, secure, and built to withstand the challenges

Benefits for the Business (Owners) Sea Captains: Increased reliability means less time dealing with code crises and more time steering the ship toward business success. A high-performance vessel, saving time and resources. It's like having a trustworthy partner on the coding sea.

Let's face it the best of Programmers make errors (dot). Programmers have proven to have not the sharpest eye for memory leaks, dangling pointers etc. RUST is a vessel that can only be sailed properly. Your ship won't leave the docks into the oceans until it's proven not too sink. Remember the ancient RUST proverb: "The safest program, is the program that doesn't compile". If it doesn't

compile, it's back to the implementation or maybe even design table. RUST let's you think before you code. As the Ancient Wise Man Senaca once stated; if you don't know the directions to your Harbor, no wind will blow in the right direction.

Considerations & Mitigations.

Safeguarding Your Code Assets. Alright, code champions, let's talk shop. As we cruise through the RUSTy coding avenues, there are a few pit stops to consider. Let’s break it down.

🚧 Error Handling

Navigating Code Storms. Code isn't always sunshine and rainbows. RUST knows this, and it equips you with weatherproof gear in the coding storms. Handle errors like a boss, ensuring your code ship stays resilient even when the coding forecast turns gloomy. Try/catch will make your course overcomplicated. In RUST we handle errors by taking the Narwal by the Horn when we see it.

  • Result and Option types: Many boats sailing under the flags of different languages like C, C++, C# and Java have found an early watery grave by pursuing the Elusive Siren of the coding seas, she goes by the name of Null or Nil🧜‍♀️. Beautiful and elegant as she is, she lured many coder to the chasms of the segmentation faults. In RUST we deny the void, the Null and the Nil. If there's nothing to return we use Option to declare there's nothing to return and otherwise just our payload. And for Errors, well my good Landsman, it's never an Option it's a Result. That way never have to listen and succumb to the beautiful wailing of the lady Nil.

  • The Result and unwrap patterns: These are like your contingency plans. Unwrapping errors gracefully, RUST ensures you can troubleshoot without causing a code shipwreck. It's about maintaining composure in the face of unexpected coding weather.

  • panic!: We do have panic by the way in RUST, but without the Recover. A Panic is when there's no way out, it's irrecoverable, and we go down with our Ship, Captain's Honour 👨‍✈️.

  • ? operator and the Error trait: Imagine these as your automatic translators. They help your code communicate effectively, ensuring your team understands and can address any errors that may arise. The problem on big Frigates is communication. Sir, the cargoholds are leaking, it's smoking in the Powder Room. And here we do not mean fair ladies taking a smoke while powdering their nodes. This could mean the end of the ship due cascading failures. But how do we communicate these errors among the decks. In RUST we have similar problems and we propagate errors with the ? operator. Communicating clearly and concisely. And enriching their context with Error traits.

🔄 Traits and Generics

Flexibility at Your Fingertips. In the dynamic oceans of coding, adaptability is key. Traits and generics in RUST act like your coding chameleons, blending seamlessly into any scenario. Keep an eye on trait bounds; they're the guardrails keeping your code journey smooth and steady.

Sometimes a ship is a ship, sometimes it's a sloop, sometimes three-master sailing under her Majesty's Royal Navy. Traits allow you to build ships using characteristics and behaviour that you can add to the basics. Yes, matey, in RUST we reject the false belief that all OOP is Inherited. We prefer Composition over Inheritance. And using Generics we make sure we never have to repeat or orders for every type we process.

  • Trait system in RUST: Think of traits as your code's unique skill sets. They allow your code to wear different hats based on the situation, making it adaptable to various tasks.

  • Defining and implementing traits: These are your job descriptions and skill development plans. Define what you need, and RUST ensures your code has the right skills to get the job done.

  • Generics and parametric polymorphism: Generics are your code's multitool, capable of handling different data types. It's like having a universal remote for coding tasks, simplifying complexities. Parametric polymorphism is a programming language feature that allows a function or a data type to operate on values of different types in a generic way, without specifying the actual types during definition. In other words, it enables writing code that can work with a range of data types while maintaining type safety.

  • Trait bounds and associated types: Setting boundaries is crucial. RUST ensures your code stays within its designated lanes, avoiding any unforeseen detours.

⚠️ Advanced Features.

Navigating Uncharted Territories. Sometimes you need to push the boundaries. Enter Unsafe RUST, your passport to uncharted coding territories. But, and it's a big but, wield it wisely. Think of it like a power tool – use it when needed, not just for the thrill.

Like to sail dangerously matey? Embark on a journey to sail under the flag of 'Unsafe' RUST. Not for the faint of heart. No guard rails, no swimvests.. nothing to protect your from the Krakens and Poisonous Seasnakes. It's easy to fall overboard and end up in the boundless depths of memory errors. But, the bounty and rewards are good and someone needs to discover Terra Incognita and chart it for the less adventurous sailers among us.

  • Pattern matching with match: Picture this as orchestrating a symphony. Match helps your code play the right tune based on specific conditions, ensuring harmony in your digital composition.

  • Macros in RUST: Macros are your coding shortcuts, streamlining repetitive tasks. It's like having automated assistants that handle routine work, leaving your coding maestros free for more creative endeavors. Days at sea can be boring. Repetive tasks need to be done but are...ehhh.. boring. To prevent repetition and boilerplate code we know so well from other languages whose named should not be called out aloud.. RUST helps us with extensive declarative and procedural macro's. Meta programming, Matey!

  • Unsafe RUST and when to use it: Consider this your high-performance gear. Unsafe RUST is a power tool, not to be used lightly. It's for those moments when pushing the coding boundaries is necessary, but caution is the keyword.


Alright, savvy business navigators, as we near the end of our RUSTy journey, let's pull out the compass and reflect on our discoveries. Here's a quick recap of the key features and benefits that make RUST a heavyweight in the coding arena.

The Power of RUST

From ownership and borrowing, safeguarding your code like a vigilant crew, to the unsinkable ship of memory safety, RUST ensures your code vessel sails through the unpredictable coding seas with confidence. Concurrency and parallelism act as your digital sails, capturing the winds of multitasking without losing course. RUST's async/await model becomes your coding compass, guiding your ship through the waves of simultaneous processing. As we explored RUST's considerations and mitigations, it became evident that RUST isn't just about writing code; it's about crafting a resilient and adaptable digital empire.

💡 Emphasis on RUST's Strengths

RUST stands tall in coding landscapes, offering:

  • Reliability: Your code ship is not just reliable; it's an unsinkable fortress, handling errors with finesse. That's maybe a little too much confidence, imho. RUST will help you design an unsinkable ship. Still.. enough runtime errors possible that will get your ship hijacked by East African Pirates or Sandokan. I am demonstrating that in the RUST CKS courses.

  • Performance: RUST is your high-performance vehicle, cutting through the coding currents with efficiency.

  • Adaptability: With traits, generics, and a robust type system, RUST ensures your code is not just functional but flexible, ready to adapt to the ever-changing coding streets.

Important to DevOps:

Elevating Your Code Operations with RUST. Hey DevOps maestros, RUST isn't just a language; it's a strategic powerhouse for your DevOps endeavors. Let's break it down.

🔧 Tooling and Ecosystem: Cargo, your Ship's Wheelhouse

Meet Cargo, the RUST package manager. Cargo can better be compared with the Ship's Wheelhouse. It's definately not a cruise control. It's the center of operations. Loading/unloading cargo. Checking manifests, Linting, Compiling.

🧪 Testing and Documentation: Building Resilient Code Foundations

In the world of RUST, testing and documentation aren't just checkboxes; they're the blueprints for a solid code foundation. RUST's testing tools ensure your code sails through challenges unscathed, and its documentation features become your code's navigator, guiding future developers with ease.

💻 IDE Support and Integrations: Seamless Coding Experience

RUST isn't about making your life harder... Ok, ok, people will not agree 🤦‍♂️! RUST definately will make your life harder. But the cost will bring you better results. In classes I compare RUST to a partner that will not have you leave the house (RUST code passing the compiler, resulting in an executable) unless everything is tip-top ok. Shiny shoes, matching with the colour of your tie, no spinach between your teeth, not overdoing your deo or parfum etc. But when your pass, girl (or boy) you are ready.

📦 Exploring the RUST Ecosystem: Crates and Libraries Await

The RUST ecosystem isn't a jungle; it's a treasure trove. Explore crates and libraries, your tools for efficient coding expeditions. RUST ensures you have the right gear for any coding terrain, making your DevOps journey a breeze.

🌐 Real-world Applications and Use Cases: Where RUST Meets Reality

RUST isn't just a theoretical marvel; it's a real-world coding hero. From blazing-fast web servers to robust system-level software, RUST shines in various applications.

  • WebAssembly (Wasm) Projects: Use Case: RUST has gained significant traction in the realm of WebAssembly, a binary instruction format that enables high-performance execution of code on web browsers. Projects like wasm-bindgen showcase RUST's capability to seamlessly integrate with JavaScript, allowing developers to write performance-critical components in RUST and run them efficiently in the browser.

  • System-Level Programming: Use Case: RUST's emphasis on memory safety without sacrificing performance makes it well-suited for system-level programming. Companies like Mozilla, with its Servo browser engine, leverage RUST to build a highly parallel and safe browser engine. RUST's ownership system helps prevent common programming errors that can lead to security vulnerabilities, making it an excellent choice for systems where reliability is critical.

  • Networking and Distributed Systems: Use Case: RUST's zero-cost abstractions and low-level control over system resources make it ideal for building networking and distributed systems. The Tokio framework, a runtime for writing reliable asynchronous applications, is written in RUST. Projects like RUST's own async-std demonstrate how RUST is employed to create highly concurrent and scalable networking applications.

These examples highlight RUST's versatility and effectiveness in different domains, showcasing its ability to address challenges in performance, safety, and concurrency across diverse applications.

🤝 Community and Resources: Building Alliances in the Coding Urban Jungle

RUST's community isn't just a bunch of coders; it's a support system. Forums, conferences, and meetups are your networking hotspots, connecting you with fellow coding trailblazers. Learning resources and recommended readings are your survival guides, ensuring you stay on top of your coding game. This is the official RUST language website. It provides a comprehensive guide to the RUST standard library APIs, RUST editions, RUST’s package manager, and build system.

Important for Business Owners:

Steering Your Business with RUST a strategic compass for your digital ship. Here's why RUST is more than code and can be a game-changer for your business. As a business owner choosing for RUST will make your investment in coding more durable. Resulting programs will

have less runtime errors, less design faults and will be better maintainable.

🛡️ Increased Reliability and Safety: Fortifying Your Digital Fortress In the coding seas, reliability is your ship's armor, and safety is your crew's mantra. RUST ensures your digital assets sail through stormy coding waters unscathed, minimizing the risks of breaches and keeping your business fortress secure.

🔄 Adoption Considerations: Charting a Course for Success Embracing RUST is like choosing the right ship for your business journey. Successful business cases speak volumes. RUST is not just a trend; it's a strategic move. Dive into industry trends and witness how RUST's relevance can reshape your business tech landscape.

  1. Dropbox:

Use Case: Dropbox, a leading cloud-based file storage and collaboration platform,

adopted RUST to enhance the performance and reliability of its storage infrastructure.

RUST's focus on memory safety and low-level control made it a suitable choice for

implementing critical components of Dropbox's storage system

Impact: By leveraging RUST, Dropbox experienced improvements in system stability

and performance, contributing to a more robust and scalable platform. The adoption of

RUST allowed Dropbox to enhance the user experience and maintain a competitive

edge in the cloud storage market.

b. Mozilla Firefox:

Use Case: Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox web browser, embraced RUST

to enhance it's browser to make it more stable. RUST's memory

safety features were particularly crucial for Mozilla to create a secure and efficient

browser that could compete with other modern browsers.

Impact: The adoption of RUST in Firefox led to a significant boost in browser

performance, with improved responsiveness and reduced memory consumption. The

project showcased RUST's capability to deliver high-performance, secure software in a

real-world, consumer-facing application, reaffirming RUST's position in the browser

technology landscape.

💬 Community and Support: Anchors in the Digital Urban Jungle According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023, which surveyed over 81,000 developers, RUST has been crowned the most beloved programming language for the seventh consecutive year. As per State of the Developer Nation 22nd Edition by SlashData, the number of RUST developers increased from 600,000 in Q1 2020 to 2.2 million in Q1 2022.

Despite these positive reports the availability of talent is still lacking. RUST is considered a real challenge. There is high demand, but limited supply. What a colleague once nicely mentioned; RUST does give you the added 'Superiority' feeling. If you code RUST, you know you are not a 'cookie cutter'.

⏳ Long-term Support Considerations: Sailing Into the Future with Confidence Business longevity requires a technology partner that stands the test of time. RUST's commitment to long-term support ensures your business ship remains future-proof. It's not just about coding for today; it's about building a tech legacy that echoes through tomorrow. Resulting in tangible benefits such as improved performance, enhanced security and a more competitive product offerings.

Signing Off

And there you have it fellow code navigators🌐 and business captains 💼 🚢. We've sailed through the RUSTy seas and uncovered some treasures of this programming gem, and now it's your turn to chart your course. But wait, before you stash away your compass🧭 we've got the perfect map for you 🗺 👇:


Train Your Coding Crew:

Make sure they understand the power tools in the RUST toolkit.

Explore the cutting edge while ensuring the code fortress stands strong.


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